Portland Laser Dentistry & Orthodontics

Our aim is to provide the widest range of dental services available in SW Victoria in one clinic.

Dental Services


We have on-site digital X-ray scanners and digital intra-oral X-ray devices to give instant condition reports, using only about 10% of the radiation of old technology film machines. During examinations, we use an intraoral camera so the patient can see and understand the condition of their mouth.


Our Oral Health Therapist Rhiannon can provide a regular cleaning service to control gum disease and maintain existing dental work to gain maximum useful service life. Home care is vital to success and we can assist with feedback on how efficiently home maintenance is on-site, and provide tools to make it easier.

Gum Treatment

As the population ages many more people are retaining their own teeth, but some experience complicated gum disease issues that routine cleaning cannot control. With the use of laser technology many previously difficult cases can be brought back into control. On the few cases that we cannot avoid surgery, Dr. Adriano has a Post Graduate Degree in periodontal surgery in Brazil.


Dr Adriano has been performing implant surgery, gum surgery and oral surgeries for more than 15 years.


We use the latest technology in root canal therapy, to make it quicker and more successful. The use of laser to disinfect the canal, gives an advantage in improved success rates.


We offer tooth coloured cosmetic filling materials. We provide simple, reliable dentistry at an affordable price.

Crowns, Bridges and Implants

Dentists love doing beautiful reconstruction of damaged teeth. Crowns are an art and science that we think offers the strongest solution for extensively damaged teeth. Done well by a talented dentist and skilled dental technician in an Australian Laboratory, the result can be so natural that you cannot detect it. Done at an overseas lab at a cheaper price they are usually disappointed in the long run.

We can provide makeovers for your smile.

We do the surgical insertion of implants in-house. We use Biohorizons implant systems, a world leader in implant technology. We also use small diameter implants in cases with little bone or for denture stabilization. Dr Adriano is an experienced implant surgeon and has a post-graduate course in Brazil for Prosthodontics.


We work closely with Peter Cooney Dental Prosthetist with our denture cases. We often collaborate in the planning and problem solving of difficult cases. Denture stabilization is becoming popular with local people now that it is becoming more affordable.


Dr Karine Costa Lima has a Post Graduate degree in Orthodontics from Brazil. Dr Karine has been treating children and adults for several years now. With Dr Karine’s caring nature, she has a genuine concern for what the patient wants.

Orthodontics is a Passion for Dr Karine

Tooth Wear & Sleep Therapy

The high stress modern lifestyle has led to a rapid rise in tooth wear issues. We can assist with appliances to minimize future wear as well as repair past damage. Sleep apnoea has been widely under diagnosed and many clinicians think that tooth grinding is associated with sleep issues. Suitable appliances can be made to improve sleep efficiency. A child that snores indicates a problem that should be addressed.

Headaches and Pain Relief

The muscle pain associated with tooth grinding and clenching is the major cause of headaches and face pain. Dr Adriano has successfully undertaken training in the use of Botulinum toxin (same medicine used to remove wrinkles) to relieve headache issues.

Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry is the use of the intraoral scanner for crowns, orthodontic and implant procedures.


Laser Dentistry

What is Laser Dentistry?

We use two types of Laser technology for improved outcomes and faster healing times.

Soft Tissue Laser
We use a Diode Laser which is capable of creating precision cuts to the gum and other soft tissues, whilst eliminating bleeding at the site and reducing the healing time for the patient.

In our clinic we use laser for:

Difficult gum problems to reduce the need for gum flap surgery
Treatment of gum disease
Fractured tooth repair ( crown lengthening procedures)
Gummy smile surgery
Improved root canal cleaning and disinfection results.
Faster healing times with the use of LLLT
It is a very useful tool to make dentistry easier for both patient and dentist. It takes fewer & easier visits to get the job done!

With laser, we produce better outcomes.

Cosmetic Dentistry

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

The desired outcome of cosmetic dentistry is clean , white, straight teeth that” fit “in your face. Having a great smile boosts self confidence and leads to improved success in social interactions and in business.

What spoils a smile?
Broken and discolored teeth
Crooked teeth
Visible decay
Large visible fillings
Gummy smile
Red bleeding gums
Solutions we can provide
Professional tooth cleaning
Professional tooth whitening (safe and effective)
Selective adhesive bonding to alter tooth shape and colour
Laser gum lift to resolve a gummy smile
A short course of orthodontics to align teeth using invisible brackets.
Tooth veneers
Natural colored fillings and crowns
Dental implants to close gaps

Correction of gummy smiles using a combination of laser surgery and use of Botulinum toxin (the same medication used to remove wrinkles).
At PLDO we can provide an integrated solution, selecting therapies from the above list to suit the individual needs of each patient.


What is Orthodontics?

Technical details such as straightening the teeth, good tooth meshing in harmony with the jaw joints and muscles and no tipped over teeth are all elements of a skilled dentist’s orthodontic post-treatment result. To achieve this, a thorough diagnostic phase is needed to work out the best way to achieve an ideal outcome. Issues such as skeletal resistance to tooth movement (i.e.your bones are not in an ideal position) can be predicted by computer modelling called a Visual Treatment Objective. The alternatives to avoid tipped back teeth and a gummy smile can be discussed before we start treatment.

In treatment, we use various appliances depending on the problems present. Early age treatment for skeletal problems is often indicated to avoid the need for facial surgery in later life. Sleep disorders are also being linked to poor facial harmony. We can help with this.

We use the Progressive Orthodontics IP system of braces. This is possibly the most advanced system in use today which we think gives better outcomes and faster treatment times.

GP orthodontics offers the advantage that one dentist can treat difficult cases, aligning the teeth, doing the root canals, doing the crowns and replacing missing teeth all in one location.

Progressive Orthodontic Seminars is pleased to award Dr Karine the distinction of Graduating with Highest Honors.